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1:46 PM Apr 18, 2014
Breakfast with Santa
December 18th

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Stand above a sea of clouds high atop Haleakala. Watch a 45-foot whale breach off the coast of Lahaina.  Lose count of the waterfalls along the road as you maneuver the hairpin turns of the Hana highway. One visit and it’s easy to see why Maui is called “The Magic Isle.”

The second largest Hawaiian island has a smaller population than you’d expect, making Maui popular with visitors who are looking for sophisticated diversions and amenities throughout the island.

For example, did you know whale watching is a popular activity? The humpback whales that visit Maui every winter are part of a population that was once hunted almost to extinction. Now, due to one of the most successful conservation campaigns in history these magnificent animals are thriving. View them from shore or a whale watch vessel, for what many describe as a "life changing experience."

Don’t let the life-changing experience end there. When considering at which Maui hotels you may want to stay, The Westin Maui can’t be beat. Known as the “the place where heaven and aloha meet,” The Westin Maui is committed to enriching experiences and is home to an astonishing array of diversions.